Lower C02 Emissions.. Save our Planet

Think GREEN.... Be GREEN ....

A new and exciting way to advertise your low CO2 emission environmentally friendlyproduct/s.

  • A website dedicated to the saving our fragile planet, from global warming.

  • Your company is producing products that are environmentally friendly, BUT can your potential customers find you!!!.

  • We offer you an inexpensive way to advertise your green products not only within the UK but worldwide.

  • Set your own budget you can advertise from as little as £100 to a maximum of £1,000.000 The BIGGER the box the more you will get noticed.

  • The pixels you buy will be displayed on our Million Pound Page.We will also provide a link to your website.

  • The page will not change, and I guarantee to keep it online for at least 4 years, I believe the pixels offer excellent value for money.

  • The website is visited by 25+ countries worldwide

If you buy 100 pixel boxes or more this will entitle you to several free ads

  1. Advertise your environment friendly products on our Million Pound Page.

  2. You can purchase pixel boxes online via our Buy Pixel section.

  3. The first four (4) companies will be entitled to a 20% discount. Visit our Discount section for full details.

  4. Advertise your cleanest environment friendly Jets in our Air Transport section.

  5. You can list your environment friendly low CO2 emission cars in our Going Green section.

  6. If you have a hybrid car/s you can also advertise them in our Going Green section.

  7. You can now name shame the Biggest polluters of our fragile planet visit our Name Shame section

You cannot buy this kind of global advertising space anywhere at this price, and guaranteed online for a minimum period of 4 year

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